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a great race

Posted by markofthefells on April 10, 2011

another great F1 weekend from quali through to the race.

Very exciting stuff with the new technological changes. Like them or not they’re definitely mixing things up and, it seems, making more things happen – from pit stops to overtaking.
It also seems to have meant that a few spanners can be thrown into the works throughout the race – always helped by Alonso driving into the back of people, too.

I was stuck for a driver of the day, with Vettel running away with the race without even the help of KERS, Webber stuck through things despite his issues and JB and Heidfeld getting on the podium with really solid races. But my favourite had to be the Superman-impersonating “rudderless Russian” – Vitaly Petrov:

Oh you pretty Chitty Renault, Chitty Chitty Renault we love you















Roll on China. The Mclarens have closed the gap on Red Bull in Quali – now we need to see them match their pace in the race.

Thought of the day: With Renault being so successful in 2 podium finishes, where would Robert Kubica be in such a car?


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HP 2133 Mini-Note FOR SALE

Posted by markofthefells on March 28, 2011

Second hand but very good condition notebook for sale.
Perfect for students, travellers or those who like to have everything in a neat little bundle ready to take with them wherever.
No cosmetic damage.

£160 ONO More info here

Product Description: HP 2133 Mini-Note – C7-M 1.2 GHz – 8.9″ TFT
Dimensions (WxDxH): 25.5 cm x 16.5 cm x 2.7 cm
Weight: 1.19 kg
Localisation: English / United Kingdom
System Type: Netbook
Built-in Devices: Stereo speakers, wireless LAN aerial, Bluetooth aerial
Processor: VIA C7-M 1.2 GHz ULV
Cache Memory: 128 KB – L2 Cache
RAM: 1 GB (installed) / 2 GB (max) – DDR2 SDRAM – 667 MHz ( 1 x 1 GB )
Card Reader: Yes
Hard Drive: 120 GB – Serial ATA-150 – 5400 rpm
Display: 8.9″ TFT 1280 x 800 ( WXGA )
Graphics Controller: VIA Chrome9
Audio Output: Sound card
Networking: Network adapter – Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11g, Bluetooth 2.0 EDR
Wireless NIC: Broadcom 4311AG
Notebook Camera: Integrated
Input Device: Keyboard, touchpad
Power: AC 120/230 V
Battery: 3-cell Lithium Ion
Run Time (Up To): 2.25 hour(s)
Operating System: SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10
Microsoft Office Preloaded: Includes a preinstalled image of select 2007 Microsoft Office suites. Purchase a Medialess Licence Kit (MLK) to activate the software.
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty

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Leeds Festival

Posted by markofthefells on March 21, 2011

A quick comparison of Reading/Leeds Festival 2002 and Reading/Leeds Festival 2011 line-ups gives a good impression of the state of ‘modern’ music.

Our recently announced line-up for this year’s top festivals gives us Muse, My Chemical Romance and The Strokes as headliners over 3 days.

8 years ago saw The Strokes supported by Pulp, and Muse come second top on the last night at Leeds. These are not our only similarities. Looking around the bill we see the cross-overs of Jimmy Eat World; Pulp; Jane’s Addiction; The Streets; The Offspring and New Found Glory.
While it’s a commendation to each of these bands for their continued success and popularity over the years, it’s a depressing state of affairs for the music industry when we still rely upon stalwarts from days gone by and have yet to be broken through from some new blood – MCR aside (who are not the most exciting of bands live, trust me…).

It’s also worthy noting the entry price 8 years ago, probably not in line with inflation rises over those years – £90 for weekend then, over double that now. Is it really acceptable to be charging double entry for the same festival? Or are the organisers really to blame when each year is a guaranteed sell-out with punters willing no matter what the price?

It’s just another confirmation for me to move away from the huge corporate festivals and support something more local. Or, failing that, go to Glastonbury!

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Photo update

Posted by markofthefells on February 25, 2011

Hey folks,

quickie here just to tell you that I’ve uploaded some selective shots from the last 4 weeks around Europe. Yet to caption any of them so you’ll just have to guess where each is for now – sorry! May get time later.

Click here for them

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it’s still going

Posted by markofthefells on February 21, 2011

rather a poor effort on my behalf to keep this whole blog thing going.
besides a little journey into the world of poetic-reflection (which, one might agree, was a half-hearted effort) it has been nearly 3 weeks since i last made some effort here.

With a diminishing readership – something that can really hurt a blogger with an audience of roughly 7 – as well as being rather busy my motivation for sitting down and getting something written here has been ebbing for some time.

Here I are, though! I are here! Complete with irregular speech and dodgy spelling.

Where is here, one of the seven may ask. Here is, presently, Gdansk. Or Danzig to any Deutsch readers (which are few, especially in 7).
Known as the home of Solidarnosc and the gateway to Hel , this delightful coastal city provides me with my home for the foreseeable future. If you can see into that future further than I then please speak up. At the moment it looks like at least a week.
I’m currently ‘working for accommodation’, though work has yet to begin. Tomorrow I shall begin work at 8am, though quite what I shall be doing is still rather unknown to me. The details, as you may gather, have been vague. It (ze work!) generally involves something around the hostel. Some days cleaning, others working on reception. The reception work is going to be really interesting considering I’m currently walking round with about 40 Polish words in my mind – and no more! They rarely appear in the correct order or the correct pronunciation either so the result is going to be an eye-opener I feel!

That’s the present sorted. The past is murky and filled with cold Eastern-European cities (and lots of homemade Polish food). I very much doubt i’m going to be short of time to write about such experiences so thee shall have to wait until another day. Tuesday, probably.

Until then let’s hope Robert Kubica makes a speedy recovery and Mansfield Town gain promotion from the depths of English football.

Bis bald x

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poetic diseases.

Posted by markofthefells on February 18, 2011

I began this little effort on 11022011.
If you’re aware of what a palindrome is then you will be aware that that date was palindromic. Palindromy doesn’t seem to be, technically, a word within the English language, but to suffer from such a disease seems rather interesting. .

Maybe if only people called Hannah or Anna were to reply to this it would be complete. I’d allow a Bob or two but only if they were originally Trebor. Or racecar.
What’s your favourite palindrome?

Mine’s racecar.
A little search on wikipedia gives us this and credits a certain James Joyce with the longest palindromic word: tattarrattat. A word that also has a lovely poetic, onomatopoeic ring.

if i had a hi -fi

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it begins (again)

Posted by markofthefells on February 2, 2011

well the ball has officially started rolling again on the ‘mark fell travelling ride’. quite where the ball stops, or even rolls to along the way is still unclear. in fact it appears to be a little confused and has already backtracked on itself!
let me explain the ball’s movement.
first it flew, cattle class, to krakow. it found its way onto a train from the airport to the city centre and, after careful navigation in some bitter weather, fell upon it’s bed for the night near the dominant castle towards krakow’s jewish quarter. only this ball is no standard size 5. it’s more of a floater. instead of bouncing its way around krakow, soaking up the sights, it decided it would do a bit of shopping, settle for some liquid then bounce back to it’s neighbourhood to consume some local ‘delicacies’ and then roll home. such a ball had little plans but those it had settled upon were to board a bus to Zakopane the following day and meet up with it’s fellow bouncy-balls (more commonly going by the names of Liam and Charlotte Wright). What this foolish round being hadn’t factored into account, though, was the influence of alcohol upon a journey and, following many welcome drinks into Krakow with some Australians and Belgians, the spherical object sat, forlorn, on a 140 minute journey south, to the Tatras.

Enough of the ball thing. I had a lovely weekend in Zakopane with the newly-weds (who really aren’t that new anymore but i still catch myself looking for Charlotte Parker on Facebook). They were done with their snowboarding by saturday so we ventured through Zakopane centre (after taking a little detour into the middle of nowhere. This would be my first mistake of the trip, and not the last!) and up the funicular railway up a mountain. Upon this mountain sat some ski-fields, lodges and many, many horse rides. Picture a small, horse-ridden sledge with up to 4 people (+rider) inside striding confidently around the main roads. Liam had a rather close encounter with such a sledge at one point resulting in him ducking narrowly out of the way of said oncoming traffic.
On Sunday we slowly made our way out of Zakopane to head back to Krakow (hence the backtracking reference). This journey, thankfully, wasn’t accompanied with a hangover (or indeed any references to spherical beings), and we arrived back into the city safely. Quickly to follow, however, was my 2nd error of the trip. I’d planned for us to go back to the accommodating hostel i’d previously stayed in on thursday. Upon arrival, however, the perplexed worker (who failed to recognise me) rang his boss (with whom i’d arrange my return with – he even gave me his mob. number to text) who then responded with the far from positive news that they were closed. We surmised that since we were the only people wanting to stay there that night the originally very helpful owner had had a change of mind and didn’t want to be helpful or friendly anymore. Cue some rather ill-feelings towards Ars Hostel (actual name) and its workers.
All was well ultimately, we settled for the ‘Goodbye Lenin’ hostel that LnC (new nickname…) had stayed in on a previous KRK trip and got ready for a few days in Poland’s best city.

More later. Maybe.

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Biffy Clyro announce ‘That’s My Goal’ cover

Posted by markofthefells on December 13, 2010

In an ironic twist it was today announced that Scottish Rock outfit Biffy Clyro, best known for producing whirlwind hits for ITV’s flagship programme X-Factor, are to release a cover of Shane Ward’s chart-topping hit.

‘That’s My Goal’ was a huge success following Shane Ward’s victory in the 2005 series of the X-Factor.

Mr Ward was unable to be found for comment but is believed to be happy that his talent is still recognised.

The single will be released as a double A-side with ‘My Old Man’s A Dustman’, made famous by everyone’s favourite skiffle artist, Lonnie Donegan.

Simon Neil, lead singer of Biffy Clyro, suggested other bands should follow in their trail and encouraged Foo Fighters’ member Dave Grohl to cover American Idol’s 2003 winner Ruben Stoddard.

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e-Yard sale

Posted by markofthefells on November 20, 2010


Similar to a previous post regarding some DVDs I was looking to sell (some of which are still available) I am now looking to get rid of some books and CDs as well.
The difference this time, though, is that they are FREE. That’s right. Zilcho!

Having a bit of a clear-out and some of my belongings I consider surplus to requirements.

Here’s a list of all the books that are looking for a new home. Those left after a week will be going to a charity shop. Most are in great condition, some have seen better days but the content remains the same!

Archer, Jeffrey – A Twist in the Tale
Atwood, Margaret – the handmaid’s tale
Clancy, Tom – Red Rabbit
Connelly, Michael – A Darkness More Than Night
Crichton, Michael – Rising Sun
Deaver, Jeffrey – Twisted
Gaiman, Neil – Neverwhere
Goddard, Robert – Play to the End
Grisham, John – The Rainmaker
Grisham, John – Bleachers
Grisham, John – The Appeal
Grisham, John – The King of Torts
Grisham, John – The Last Juror
Grisham, John – The Partner
Grisham, John – The Summons
Hanff Korelitz, Jean – a Jury of Her Peers
Harr, Jonathon – A Civil Action
King, John – Human Punk
Parks, Tim – Europa
Pratchett, Terry – Jingo
Rankin, Ian – Fleshmarket Close
Rankin, Ian – Resurrection Men
Rankin, Ian – Watchman
Roth, Philip – The Plot Against America
Wilson, Robert – A Small Death in Lisbon

No prizes for guessing whose books I enjoyed most as a teenager!

Click here to find out more about each book.

The CDs haven’t been sieved through properly yet but shall try and do a list when complete.
Let me know if you’re interested at all.

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a triple header

Posted by markofthefells on November 18, 2010

picture the modern gig, if you will.

be it an up-and-coming indie band, chart topping guitar rock, eye-liner heavy emo-punks or dank haired metal fans at the latest post-hardcore offering.

I put it to you that we have three ingredients here. Three items that will accompany each other, generally hand-in-hand-in-hand. Take a smatterring of uncomfortable heat, splice it with an unhealthy dose of testosterone and watch our third part materialise itself in a swift masculine action: protection.

Mixed together this can be a lethal concoction of true male emotions brought out by the occasional seasoning of alcohol. It, like many good dishes, can be accentuated by a small dose of booze, but I’d like to argue it isn’t a necessary addition for the ultimate result.

Our first base, heat, is a given in any tight-packed environment where a mass of people are made to stand for hours on end in close-proximity getting slowly more and more irate at the prolonged absence on stage of their new-favourite band.
The second seems to unmask itself often as an accompaniment with the third. I feel it’s fair to say in such circumstances that the two can go together. Where we see protection of those close to us, we often see a heightened sense of testosterone (or ‘masculinity’ in this sense).
The close proximity and ‘on-edge’ atmosphere can lead things a little closer to that edge than normal.

It’s when all 3 are dealt out, with the (un)healthy side plate of alcohol, that an unwanted food poisoning can occur.

This long-winded introduction is a mere starter for my main course of a tale from the pit.

The scene: roughly 2000 people on the dance floor of Leeds’ O2 Academy awaiting the arrival of one ‘Jimmy Eat World’ on stage. Not known for their aggressive fans, nor even idiotic behaviour. In fact more known as a band that creates beautiful, emotion driven music to be enjoyed by listeners.
The actors: Here we have the main protagonist, M, the lead female, S, and their co-stars D and N. Other players skirted on edges.

Synopsis: Prior to the band’s arrival M and S had overheard friends of N and D laughing at how one of said friends had apparently urinated into a cup. Since such an act would be base and disgusting our leads dismissed it as drunken student stupidity and let it be. Fast-forward 7 minutes and Jimmy Eat World have descended onto the stage to deliver their opening song and are beginning their second, one of M’s favourites, A Praise Chorus. As the song begins S notices something disturbing and unprecedented in such surroundings. N has opened his trousers and is indeed peeing into a plastic cup. He procedes to put the cup on the floor and kick it over, thus soaking the floor that he, his friends, and M and S are standing in. Unhappy at his actions S challenges him as to what exactly he thinks he’s doing. Upon realising what has happened M too pipes up that such behaviour is unacceptable in current surroundings. N quickly scarpers only for D to appear to ‘stand up’ for his friend. What happened next consisted of a heated, testosterone filled moment that ended in M being reminded to enjoy the music by the supporting cast and the sheer disbelief in return when they were told of what exactly had played through only moments before.

I’ve trivialised this whole incident really by taking this style of approach here but the message I want to put out is here:
Yes, such ingredients can create a tense environment but when accompanied by glorious music like here there should be no distraction from the main focus of the evening. We can all be guilty of failure at certain times but at no point is it acceptable to break the boundaries and morals (yes, it is about morals) of the situation. We were quite disgusted that, even in an inebriated and immature state, someone could do such a thing.

It leads me to other questions where phrases like moral fabric and attitude of youth come to mind.
What we should have done is told the security straight away. But then would this have resolved the situation? Would they have been dealt with?

The gig turned out to be fantastic, if not a little wet around the shoes.

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